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Guillaume Moens

Ever since a young age he has passion for music , he met Julien de Beer on the first of January 2014. They were deejaying together until October 2014 , and from then of they decided to go their separate ways . Biography (with Julien) Beginning at 2014: Guillaume was already slightly longer working under a different name: "BeatSection" but stopped this and started a new adventure under the name "COLOSSAL" 2013, Guillaume bought at the end of the summer holiday his first real Dj-Set to be able to experiment and hopefully to grow into a real DJ. 2014, Guillaume has after about half a year of exercising and playing at plenty of sweet 16's

and private parties his first ‘New Year-Booking’ at "The boys of Anseremme". There he met Julien for the first time. Together they played the entire evening and continued as a DJ duo. They decide to continue under the name "COLOSSAL" Soon they got residents in the prestigious K27 at Ghent. After their first party they got another offer to be residents at an event, named ‘Royal College Club’ under supervision of Hamza COLOSSAl is getting name soon in the dj City (Ghent). They are often asked for small events but focus on proms. They played their first prom at Culture Club (Gent): Ball de L'institut de Gand! They convinced the public to enjoy deep and progressive House. They had the opportunity to play after (resident of Culture Club) 'NEON'. After a flow of positive reactions COLOSSAL expand. They took Hamza under their wing as a manager and from then on everything goes very fast. COLOSSAL is selected for 'START TO DJ’ at radio station 'MNM' they kick it in to the 1/4th finals. Of course a lot of connections were made and unforgettable experience on national radio. After this little setback were they hoped for more there was no time to stand still. Despite the early Exit this turned out to be a nice reference.

They are invited to play at the ball of Sint-Pieters, and shortly after, also for the Ball of Sint-Joris. 'Royal College Club' moved in the summer of 2014 to the famous 'Yssi's' at Knokke where of course COLOSSAL played. Their highlight comes after talking with the Organization of Bal Der Bals. So COLOSSAL will be playing at this event in 2015. 'COLOSSAL' continues to create name and is part of the big ones after only half a year. With an already beautiful prospect on the following year, He cannot be stopped. From Culture Club to Yssi’s and from Kokorico to Spirito COLOSSAL is a 'Must-Have' in the line-up nowadays!


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